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Ultrasonic Welding Testing Inspection of 50M Carbon Steel Q235 Flagpole
JANUARY 15, 2016   CONIC Press

In January of 2016, our company completed production of one 50m carbon steel flagpole. 

Before shipment, we do Ultrasonic Welding Testing (Ultrasonic Inspection UT) for big high flagpole as usual.

Ultrasonic Inspection UT

On many items a visual inspection is not enough to determine/detect imperfections and for sub-surface testing this is where the Ultrasonic Testing is most useful.

Flagpole Non Destructive Testing Consultants carry out Ultrasonic Inspections on steel materials and on varying configurations from pipe work, welds and castings.

Ultrasonic Inspection methods are most useful to the manufacturing, metallurgy, steel construction industry, aerospace industry, and transportation industry.

Where faults compromising material integrity may be found and high quality counts, call us for non destructive testing of your product.

After finish welding of each segments in 10 meter long, our professional labors will grind the welding line. The outside of pole will become smooth for beautiful appearance.

For loading of 50m flagpole, our professional larbos can load 5 segments of poles into a 40'ft GP container. We do not need open-top container to save your cost.

CONIC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel flagpoles, stainless steel conical poles/conical pipes, big stainless steel flagpoles, height is from 4 meter to 50 meter.

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