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Stainless Steel Flagpoles

We manufacture a standard range of 304 and 316 Grade stainless steel flagpoles from 6m up to 12m which are available in a standard satin or mirror finish. Wall thicknesses vary from 2.5mm up to 3.0mm and all flagpoles come complete with either a hinged or fixed base plate, internal or external winch system, rotating finial, rotating truck and counterweight. Ground collars are available as an additional option.

For big high stainless steel flagpole, we manufacture 304 and 316 Grade stainless steel flagpoles to 50m which are available in a satin finish. Wall thicknesses can be 20.0mm. Winch can be substituted in lieu of manual winch for flagpoles over 50m. Additional charges will apply.

We specialize in Custom Made that you design.

Technical Data Sheet

Height Top Diameter Butt. Diameter Thickness Weight
6m 80mm 140mm 2.5mm 50kg
7m 80mm 150mm 2.5mm 60kg
8m 80mm 160mm 2.5mm 70kg
9m 80mm 170mm 2.5mm 80kg
10m 80mm 180mm 3.0mm 100kg
11m 80mm 190mm 3.0mm 120kg
12m 80mm 200mm 3.0mm 140kg

Technical Details

  • Shape: Full Conical; Cone Tapered
  • Style: Internal Halyard System or External Halyard System
  • Technics: Welded


  • Product Data: Submit technical data and installation instructions for each type of stainless steel flagpole.
  • Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings of stainless steel flagpoles and bases, showing general layout, jointing and complete anchoring and supporting systems.

Choosing a Surface Finish

  • Satin Finish: Our standard finish is brushed satin finish, a mechanically achieved polish and smoothest of the non reflective finishes, providing corrosion resistance for most external applications.
  • Mirror Finish: Alternatively we can provide a brighter reflective "mirror" polish. As a general rule the brighter polished surfaces will provided a further degree of corrosion resistance by further reducing the depth of the surface grooves.

Packing & Shipping

  • Pole Body of Stainless Steel Flagpole: Two-tier air bubble film packing for poles.
  • Accessories: Firstly packed into carton boxes, then put into wooden boxes above anchor bolts in the wooden boxes.
  • All stainless steel flagpoles are carefully packaged to prevent damage before loading. We prepare plywoods for maintaining level off.
  • Most of stainless steel flagpoles are shipped in a 40' container (less than a container - charged per cubic meter).

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CONIC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel flagpoles, stainless steel conical poles/conical pipes, big stainless steel flagpoles, height is from 4 meter to 50 meter.

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