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Conic Industry and Trade Co., Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel flagpoles, big stainless steel flagpoles, and stainless steel conical pipes in China. We provide competitive, high quality solutions to your specific requirements whether they be stainless steel flagpole, conical poles and high flagpoles or any other requirements you may have, all supported by excellent service and reliability.

Our engineering capabilities range from precision rolled and welded tube and pipework fittings, to tubular piles, fabricated pipework, civil and environmental pipework and heavy and complicated fabrications that comply with all the major International codes. Our long serving skilled workforces are experienced in achieving the highest engineering solutions in materials of mild steel, SS-304, SS-316 and aluminum alloy T-6063.

Nowadays, our products have won good reputation at home and abroad with good quality. We not only take much more attention on QC, but also pay great attention in the communication with every client. We do not allow any defect products out of the factory.

We, as a company, foster long standing relationships with our customers helping us to fully understand your needs and requirements.

Product Range

  • Stainless Steel Flagpole
  • Aluminum Flagpole
  • Fiberglass Flagpole
  • Big High Steel Flagpole
  • Lighting Poles
  • Bollards
  • Railings
  • Other Iron Works Products

  • Mission Statement

    We are committed to using the latest technologies to develop innovative and effective solutions for our industry. CONIC's mission to keep developing and acquiring new technology allows us to move to our ultimate goal: helping our customers to successful solutions.

Factory View

CONIC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel flagpoles, stainless steel conical poles/conical pipes, big stainless steel flagpoles, height is from 4 meter to 50 meter.

Contact Info

Floor 19th, Meixin Plaza,
NO.879 Xiahe Road,
Xiamen, 361000, China.

Phone: (86) 592 393 0 393
Fax: (86) 592 393 0 393

Email: sales@conicpole.com
Web: www.stainless-steel-flagpole.com
Skype: conicpole