Stainless Steel Flagpole

Flag Size (Avoid overloading any flagpole)


According to popular usage, the length of the flag should be between one-quarter and one-third the height of the flagpole.

Avoid overloading any flagpole!

Two big factors are the material of the flag being used and the amount of wind your flag is exposed to.

Lightweight polyester flags will fly in the lightest breeze, but are not nearly as durable as nylon or industrial polyester.

If your property is surrounded by trees, tall buildings, or any other obstructions; then your flag probably won't get as much of a breeze as a flagpole sitting out in the open.

If in doubt, go with the smaller size flag. A flag which is too large will only droop on the pole, which is probably not the reason you have a flagpole in the first place!

Height of Pole1/41/3Flag Size
20'5'6.67'3x5' or 4x6'
25'6.25'8.33'4x6' or 5x8'
30'7.5'10'5x8' to 6x10'
35'8.75'11.67'5x8' to 8x12'
40'10'13.33'6x10' or 8x12'
50'12.5'16.67'8x12' to 10x15'
60'15'20'10x15' to 12x18'
70'17.5'23.33'12x18' or 15x25'
80'20'26.67'12x18' to 20x30'
90'22.5'30'15x25' or 20x30'
100'25'33.33'15x25' to 20x38'

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